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Atlanta Medical Institute is proud to offer the most effective laser tattoo removal available today. When you come to AMI, you can be assured 100% that you are in very experienced hands. There are two kinds of Q-switched lasers that used for the most powerful tattoo removal for a wide range of ink colors.

The decision to remove a Laser tattoo may not be an easy one, whether it is for professional purposes, to remove symbols of your past, or to correct an artistic change of heart, there is no one reason that people come to AMI for tattoo removal. Some people want their tattoo completely gone, while others prefer to lighten the tattoo with a few treatments in preparation for a cover-up. We make the process of fading or complete removal as safe, painless and as affordable as possible.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Older methods of tattoo removal involved burning, scraping or cutting out the tattoo. Older lasers work by burning rather than fading tattoos. The resulting scar was frequently worse than the original tattoo. Q-switched lasers are better because they remove the tattoo while minimizing damage to the skin. They work by causing the ink in the skin to "fracture". These smaller ink particles are then removed by the body's immune system. The tattoo is faded gradually with each treatment, so multiple treatments are required.

What makes our Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Unique

The only tattoo removal laser in most centers is a Q-switched Nd:YAG, such as our Medlite C6. This laser is great for removing black, red and brown tattoos but is not as good on blue and green inks. For this reason, we use not just a Medlite C6 Nd:YAG laser, but also a Rubystar Q-switched ruby laser for the difficult blue and green inks. This combination of lasers sets us apart from other laser centers and yields the most safe and effective laser tattoo removal possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the laser tattoo removal hurt?

The discomfort of laser tattoo removal is often described as a "rubber band snapping the skin" but can vary from patient to patient. We do our utmost to minimize any pain or discomfort possible. We use a Zimmer Chiller (cold air blower) to cool the area being treated. We also use high-strength topical numbing cream which is highly effective.

How much will laser tattoo removal cost?

Please see the price list above. During your consultation, we will measure your tattoo so that you can know exactly what the cost per treatment will be. For very large tattoos, such as sleeves, per square inch pricing does not apply, and we will give you a custom price based on the complexity and size of the tattoo. There are periodic monthly specials for tattoo removal on this site, as well as on our email newsletter and facebook page, so please keep an eye out.

How many treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

Every tattoo responds differently due to a number of variables. There are variations in ink colors and their chemical compositions, depth and density of ink placement, skin type and individual immune system factors. Predicting how many treatments any particular tattoo will require is an educated guess. However, in general, faded, amateur tattoos that are black can come off in as little as 3 treatments, whereas professional tattoos can take more than a dozen and some are not completely removable. Certain colors, such as yellow, pink and white are difficult to remove.

How frequently can I return for more treatments?

Tattoo fading is a slow process and depends on participation by your body's immune system to work. We recommend that you wait at least 4-6 weeks to get the greatest value from each laser treatment.

What is the aftercare like?

During laser treatment, your tattoo may turn white briefly. It then swells somewhat and may turn red, but this usually lasts only a few hours. It is important to keep that tattoo covered with ointment and a bandage for the first day. Usually, it feels like a mild sunburn and does not hurt unless rubbed against. Between your treatments, it is important to keep the tattoo covered from the sun to prevent hyperpigmentation (darkening). You will receive detailed instructions during your appointment.

Is there a risk of scarring?

The type of laser used for tattoo removal does not typically leave scars, although there is a small chance of this. You should inform our doctor or physician assistant if you have a tendency to form abnormal scars or keloids.

Who performs the laser tattoo removal at Atlanta Medical Institute?

Our physician assistants perform the laser treatments at AMI.

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