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What Is the BRAVA System?

The BRAVA (Breast Enhancement and Shaping System) is a clinically proven, non-surgical alternative to surgical breast augmentation. The BRAVA system takes advantage of the principle of tissue expansion utilized in many reconstructive procedures. This principle states that when body tissue is placed under sustained tension, it will grow. BRAVA is an external tissue expander for increasing the size of breasts.

BRAVA consists of two semi-rigid domes with specially engineered silicone gel rims, a sophisticated mini computer, nicknamed the SmartBox, that regulates the tension within the domes, and a sports bra that supports the domes and the SmartBox. The SmartBox not only regulates the pressure within the domes, it also records how long you wear the system and can transmit the information to the BRAVA website where you can track your progress.

Investigating Breast Reconstruction

Internal tissue expanders have long been a part of breast reconstruction with breast implants. However, the BRAVA system represents the potential for using an external tissue expander to stimulate transplanted breast tissue to grow into a nicely-shaped, completely natural breast without major reconstructive surgery.

In this experimental procedure, the BRAVA dome is placed over the area where the breast was removed. The tension created by the dome causes expansion of the area. Liposuction is then used to remove fat from a suitable donor area. The fat is treated and injected into the breast to create a breast that looks and feels natural. With only a single injection procedure, women can achieve a small B-cup natural breast. With additional treatments, larger breasts can be reconstructed.

The potential advantages of this procedure include:

  • A reconstructed breast that looks and feels natural
  • Suitable for delayed reconstruction
  • No major surgery necessary for reconstruction
  • No additional scarring or lengthy recovery time
  • No breast implant required

The only disadvantage is that the procedure cannot be used for immediate reconstruction. You must first recover from the mastectomy procedure, then wear the BRAVA system for 3-5 weeks before receiving the first fat injection. Additional fat injection procedures will be performed over a period of 2-6 months if desired.

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