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Elure skin lightening cream works overnight as a potent treatment for hyperpigmentation.

This moisturizing night cream uses a natural mushroom-derived enzyme, Melanonzyme™, to reduce dark spots on the skin and lighten your complexion in just 28 days. It contains two separate creams that, when used together, form a powerful and effective treatment for hyperpigmentation. Each cream is fragrance-free and formulated to moisturize your skin throughout the night.

Although hydroquinone is a common dermatologist-recommended treatment for hyperpigmentation, some individuals are worried about possible side effects or reactions. For those people, this hydroquinone-free skin lightening cream is the perfect solution for breaking down melanin and restoring a bright, even skin tone.

This gentle yet effective formula works as a treatment for hyperpigmentation on skin of all ages. It can be merged into your current skincare regimen without irritation. This elure line is only available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and licensed medical professionals.

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