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Basically, subcision for acne scars is performed to release the scarred skin from the core subcutaneous fat. Under local anesthetic, a surgeon will use a special needle, inserted at an angle underneath the scar to initiate a creation of new layer of tissue that slowly forces the depressed acne scar upwards.

The depth of subcision is based on the scar condition. The deeper the acne scar, the deeper is the level of subcision. In some cases, subcision at multiple depth levels can be executed on the same scar at the same session.

In this procedure, the surgeon might use various gauge needles like Nokor and Becton Dickinson, or a blunt cannula for deep level subcision.

The downtime of this treatment is about 6-7 days, where bruising will be noticeable in the treated area.

Subcision and Acne Scars Fillers

Subcision is very important for a successful fat injection or any dermal filler treatment. It will create a space for the filler substance to spread to the surrounding healthy tissue. Performing any filling treatment without an expert advice or earlier subcision can cause the filler substance to form an ugly lofty ring.

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