Anti Aging for Men

Unwanted Body Fat? Diminished Libido? Muscle Loss? Erectile Dysfunction? Hormone Imbalance?

You may be blessed with great genes, you may eat properly and exercise regularly, but eventually, the aging process is going to catch up with you. Aging is an intrinsic process that actually begins after you reach your sexual maturity. After that, nature is not as concerned about protecting your body and ultimately your mind. There are several things that happen to advance your aging process. At AMI, you can take steps to counteract this process by slowing, stopping, and even reversing many of the negative effects of aging. We are talking about rolling back the hands of time, living longer, and looking younger!

At AMI, we use cutting edge technology and the latest anti-aging techniques on the market today. Let’s face it, aging isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. That’s why all of our programs are physician supervised and custom tailored to every individual.

Signs of aging include:


Decreased bone density

Stubborn weight gain


Loss of sex drive / Low libido

Erectile problems

Memory loss


Andropause (Male menopause)

Muscle loss

Trouble sleeping

Thinning of hair

Decreased skin elasticity

These are the most common signs of getting older for men, but unfortunately, many times these symptoms are simply attributed to the normal aging process. At AMI, we listen. We understand what you are going through and have the tools that make a difference.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

As men age, their hormones decline. This decline creates hormonal imbalances which cause negative side effects that look and feel like, well, aging.

At AMI, we use both HRT and BHRT because everyone is unique. HRT is made in a special pharmacy and is proven safe, while BHRT is a natural hormonal therapy that uses plant-derived hormones identical in chemical and molecular structure to ones produced by the human body. Both hormones include testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, and many others for treating the aging process.

There are several important hormones you may receive while at AMI as our patient. Hormone Replacement Therapy can assist you in slowing, stopping and even reversing many of the negative effects of aging and truly roll back the hands of time. Both HRT and BHRT should always be conducted by a physician skilled in hormone replacement therapy. Call us today to see how you can experience our safe and effective treatments from our medical staff.

Biofeedback and Stress Reduction

Every day, our bodies are bombarded with hundreds of stressors. When we are healthy, our bodies can fight them off. Have you noticed how some people are better at dealing with stress than other people? Over time, what do you think happens to our bodies’ ability to fight off this stress? Can stress have a direct impact on weight gain, aging, and personal health? The answer to all three is “YES”.

Until now, there has never been a technology that could effectively measure and reduce stress in the human body on a quantum bio-electrical level. Like many medical professionals, we also believe that proper identification and elimination of stress can have a major positive effect on the human body, and allow our natural healing and detoxifying organs to do their job at maximum efficiency. It is commonly accepted that stress, either realized or often consciously unrealized, can suppress the immune system and potentially manifest itself into serious illness over time. Weight gain, aging, and other signs are our bodies’ way of communicating with us. The subconscious mind thinks, our emotions react and our bodies listen.

After decades of research, we believe that certain types of stress can be linked to most human illnesses, so identifying the stress gives us a road-map to alert you as to what could likely be happening inside your body. By pinpointing where you hold stress, our trained practitioners can take the first step to detecting potential illness that may already be occurring, in the process of manifesting, or hopefully, just a high risk area that can be addressed by you before illness begins.

Fitness and Nutrition Counseling

We’re all different, and from a nutritional standpoint this difference is called biochemical individuality. This implies that no single exercise and diet plan is right for everyone. For example, one person may do well with a more traditional higher carbohydrate diet, another may thrive on Zone type meals which are heavier in protein and fat, and a third will feel energized and clear headed following a raw foods diet. So at AMI, our goal isn’t to impose a belief system or have you follow a particular diet or exercise plan. Rather, our goal is to teach you the basics of a healthy nutrition and exercise program so that your understanding helps you make the right choices each day. To help determine what type of foods and exercises may work best for you, AMI use highly trained specialists in the science of exercise and nutrition. Our professionals help identify which foods and food combinations are right for your unique metabolism, and which exercise programs will accomplish the results you are looking for. By tending to your specific metabolic needs while applying the basic principles of good nutrition and exercise, you will maintain proper weight, feel energized, and improve your overall health and quality of life!

Lifestyle Coaching

At AMI, our professional health coach is trained in program development, education, motivation, and guidance to meet your needs as an individual.

The goal of our programs is to offer a simple yet effective and proactive plan that anyone can implement with ease and minimal time commitments. We focus on the most important 20% that yield the maximum 80% results. We design an action plan that will focus on what will make the most difference for you and yield the results that you are looking for. Our programs support the client’s current medical protocol and results can be measured and tracked by our clients and their doctor.

AMI’s Focus is on the Patient

  • Understand the impact of lifestyle choices on your health and the benefits of change
  • Identify the barriers that get in your way
  • Build skills and provide the tools you need to change your behavior
  • Increase motivation and self-confidence needed for change

In addition, some of our programs include meal plans, sleep quality, and guidance on food restrictions. Anyone, of any age, of any fitness level, of any size, with any health condition, can take a proactive approach toward optimizing their health with AMI’s lifestyle coaching services.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.