Are hCG Injections Safe For Weight Loss?

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Being snowed in and snacking all the time or gaining the "COVID 20" could make you want to look for ways to lose weight. These days, you may prefer some extra guidance to create new habits and finally accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. After a year like 2020, it may seem more imperative to catch up on things that improve your overall well-being. You’ve acknowledged your goals, and you need a push in the right direction. If this sounds like you, our team at Atlanta Medical Institute in Georgia can help you meet your goals. Using proven methods like hCG injections, our board-certified physician, Dr. Jeff Semel, focuses on helping men and women reach their body goals. Discover more about this innovative weight loss option and schedule an appointment to learn more about hCG injections.

How can hCG injections jump-start my weight loss goals?

HCG injections are a weight loss program that’s designed to kick off your weight loss goals. For 3 – 6 weeks, we will guide you through a strict but doable plan. Throughout this time, our team will help you form new eating habits and reduce feelings of hunger. We will guide you during the process to help with weight loss and ensure your safety.

Each day, our patients administer or take a natural hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. You can inject 125 IU intramuscularly or dissolve a pellet underneath your tongue. This hormone dramatically reduces the appetite, so you feel fewer cravings throughout the day. To complement your routine, we also work on your diet. This means focusing on incorporating healthy foods into your diet, learning about intuitive eating, limiting your eating schedule, and developing good exercise habits. You can lose a pound a day and launch a new routine in a short amount of time. Following your program, you’ll see results and feel determined to lose the remaining weight!

Are hCG injections safe?

At Atlanta Medical Institute in Georgia, we only use the highest quality products for our patients. Many patients have possibly looked in homeopathic hCG drug companies; however, the FDA has made it illegal for companies to peddle these products and mention that they encourage weight loss. That’s because these at-home formulas only have small amounts of hCG hormone and do not promote weight loss. When combined with a restrictive, unmonitored diet, you run an increased risk of hurting your body. However, with professional support and monitoring, you can safely use prescribed hCG injections or pellets that help you attain your goals.

Additionally, all patients receive a personalized treatment plan. We focus on more than what the scale says. Men and women receive a private consultation that aligns with their needs and tracks their progress holistically. We do not have group sessions; instead, each patient receives the individual care they deserve. Our group is dedicated to helping you meet your long-term goals, and hCG treatments can get you on the right path.

Choose AMI for your weight loss goals in Atlanta, GA

Losing weight on your own can feel extremely challenging. With expert assistance, we can help you safely lose weight and restructure your old habits. In fact, almost a pound a week! Please schedule an appointment at Atlanta Medical Institute in Georgia with Dr. Jeff Semel to learn more about hCG.

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