GAINSWave® Therapy: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

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Erectile dysfunction affects more than 3 million men in America every year. Although this is a very common condition, many men neglect to get treatment, or talk to a doctor. Luckily, Atlanta Medical Institute specializes in treating erectile dysfunction and improving overall sexual health and function, and is a proud provider of GAINSWave®. 

What is GAINSWave®? 

GAINSWave is the largest, non-pharma erectile dysfunction treatment in the country. GAINSWave is a revolutionary erectile dysfunction treatment that utilizes high frequency shockwaves to improve sexual function, performance, and health. This clinically proven treatment is completely natural, drug free, and surgery free. By using low acoustic sound waves, GAINSWave breaks up plaque in the blood vessels that restrict blood flow to the penis. The treatment promotes the growth of new nerve tissue, also contributing to enhanced blood flow. 

How Does GAINSWave® Work? 

Through low acoustic sound waves (acoustic wave therapy), GAINSWave technology targets blood vessels, and works to release growth factors in the tissue in order to form new blood vessels to achieve ultimate blood flow to the penis. GAINSWave is not limited only to those with erectile dysfunction. GAINSWave is clinically proven to optimize men’s sexual function and health, even if they don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

The number of treatments you will need varies based on severity of symptoms, but it is recommended that patients receive between 6-12 GAINSWave treatments. Each treatment session usually lasts between 20-30 minutes. Results say that the average patient will see results after the first or second treatment session, with continually improving results after each treatment. 

How is GAINSWave® Different Compared to Other Treatments?

One of the biggest differences between GAINSWave and other kinds of treatment for erectile dysfunction, is that it is completely non-invasive, drug free, and surgery free. There is no downtime, and the treatments are simple in-office procedures that typically last no longer than 20 minutes. GAINSWave also treats symptoms of erectile dysfunction at the source in order to provide long lasting results of increased blood flow, and optimized sexual health. 

GAINSWave has been clinically proven to enhance overall male sexual performance and health. Thousands of men around the country have reported long lasting results of spontaneous intimacy, heightened sensation, stronger orgasms, and enhanced erections. 

What are the Treatments Like?

Professionals recommend that patients receive between 6-12 GAINSWave treatments for optimal results, and this depends on the severity of your symptoms. For each session, a simple, in-office treatment is done, and these treatments usually only take between 20-30 minutes. An advantage of GAINSWave treatments is that there is no downtime after your treatment, and the results are long lasting. The majority of patients have reported a painless treatment, usually feeling nothing more than slight vibrations. After your treatment, there is no downtime, but you may experience spontaneous erections in the first 24 hours after treatment. 

Why Choose Atlanta Medical Institute for GAINSWave® Treatments?

 Atlanta Medical Institute prioritizes your health and wellness, and our treatments are customized to fit your needs. We take pride in our ability to help our patients achieve a higher quality of life through the services that we offer. As a provider of GAINSWave®, we are committed to helping enhance the sexual health, function, and wellness of our patients. Our team of medical professionals have decades of experience and success, along with extensive training in the latest and most advanced treatments and technology to help you achieve the wellbeing you have been searching for. 

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