How is A Medical Weight Loss Plan Created?

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Millions of people struggle with excess weight. Unfortunately, weight gain endangers your health and increases your risk for conditions like diabetes and heart disease. If you are interested in long-term success, Atlanta Medical Institute offers medically supervised weight loss in Atlanta, GA. Our facility creates personalized programs based on your concerns and weight loss goals. Speak with Dr. Jeff Semel to learn how we create your individual plan.

About medically supervised weight loss

Most people go back and forth between diet and exercise regimens. Sometimes, they lose weight quickly, only to gain it back again. Others take weight loss pills that produce dissatisfying results. Patients end up frustrated or embarrassed since they cannot find a program that works for them. This is because fad diets and other “miracle” solutions are not tailored to their needs.

Weight loss doctors know how to help you shed weight both safely and effectively. At Atlanta Medical Institute, we give you a comprehensive evaluation and learn about your health history. Dr. Semel may also ask questions to find out about your fitness and lifestyle habits. With the information gathered during your one-on-one appointment, we will create an actionable plan toward weight loss!

Nutritional counseling

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Some individuals have poor habits and do not realize how much it affects their weight. For example, constant dieting during the day can lead to eating poorly at night. Others experience stress that causes them to turn to sugary foods and drinks. Breaking yourself of these habits by yourself can be quite challenging. A weight loss doctor, like Dr. Semel, can offer supervised nutritional counseling in Atlanta, GA.

In addition to regular exercise, Atlanta Medical Institute believes that nutrition is an important part of any fat loss program. When the food we eat does not provide enough vitamins and nutrients, this affects how our bodies function as a whole. We may not even have enough energy to perform daily activities. After your examination, we can recommend supplements that contribute to weight loss and support your health and wellness.

The benefits of medical weight loss

When patients try to lose weight by themselves, results tend to be short-term. Patients are unsure how to reach certain goals or make sure the weight stays off for good. An experienced weight loss doctor at Atlanta Medical Institute can monitor your progress and provide the right resources to keep you on track. Medical weight loss programs are popular among patients of all ages and backgrounds who want to accomplish the following goals:

  • Achieve your ideal weight

  • Reduce certain health risks

  • Attain healthier cholesterol levels

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce stress

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Weight loss should be a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and energy to change unhealthy habits and follow through with necessary daily activities. Dr. Jeff Semel and his staff in Atlanta, GA know how to create individualized plans that meet your goals. If you want more information about medically supervised weight loss and nutritional counseling, consider consulting with a professional today. Atlanta Medical Institute provides plenty of support during your medical weight loss journey.

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