How Is An Allergy Skin Test Performed?

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Allergies manifest in many different ways. Some allergy symptoms are more obvious than others, including a runny or congested nose with itchy eyes. However, a number of other health problems arise from allergies. People also struggle with asthma, hives, and eczema. If you suffer from allergies but do not know what is causing them, an allergy skin test in Atlanta, GA, may help.

Dr. Jeff Semel believes that everyone should be able to breathe easily, even during challenging allergy seasons. Knowing what allergy triggers to avoid is one of the most important things a person can do to reduce symptoms. To learn what goes into allergy testing and what types of skin tests we offer at Atlanta Medical Institute, read below or contact our team for an appointment.

Do I need allergy testing?

Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to a normally harmless substance. Even though allergies are common, they can be tricky to manage on your own. Sometimes, people have a chronically runny nose or wake up with unexplained rashes. Medical professionals use tests to understand symptoms and guide treatment decisions. Atlanta Medical Institute offers skin tests to help us develop a successful treatment plan moving forward.

During an initial assessment, Dr. Semel will spend time asking about your personal and family history, as well as current medications. We also ask about your symptoms and when they seem at their worst. For example, do you notice symptoms, such as itchiness or difficulty breathing, in certain situations? It may help to keep a diary of these situations as they happen at home. Allergy testing can pinpoint the following allergens:

  • Nuts

  • Shellfish

  • Tree pollen

  • Pets

  • Dust mites

  • Fungal spores

  • Bee and wasp venom

How we perform an allergy skin test

To figure out what is causing your allergy symptoms, we may recommend an allergy skin test. During this appointment, we take a very small amount of different allergens and place them on or below the skin to determine if an allergic reaction develops. There are three types of skin tests we perform in Atlanta, GA:

  • Skin prick test: We start by placing a solution with the possible allergen on your skin. The solution enters the skin through scratches or needle pricks. Patients who react by developing a red or raised area are likely allergic to the solution.

  • Intradermal test: We inject a small amount of the allergen into the skin. This is usually performed when the previous test does not cause an allergic reaction, but we still suspect you are sensitive to that specific solution.

  • Skin patches test: We place the allergen solution on a pad and tape it to your skin for several days. This is best for detecting an allergy through skin contact.

Find relief from allergies

Are you tired of having allergic reactions, like a runny nose, post-nasal drip, and watery eyes in Atlanta, GA? Learning which allergy triggers to avoid can vastly improve your quality of life. Now it is time to breathe easier, no matter your environment. Learn about the types of skin tests we offer at Atlanta Medical Institute. Dr. Jeff Semel can perform an allergy skin test and make medical recommendations moving forward.

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