Know Your pH – Effects of Acidity and Alkalinity in the Body

Did you know that pH affects your health in every way? Measured on a scale between 0 to 14, a lower pH signifies greater acidity and higher pH signifies greater alkalinity. A number of medical studies reveal that an imbalanced pH can be correlated to health issues, such as, heart ailments and cancer too. In fact pH in your blood is the first line of defense against ailments. And, if you don’t feel energetic or as good as you used to, its time to check your pH levels.


Is Your Body Too Acidic?

Normally, the human body prefers a slightly alkaline pH. Chronic stress, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in diet, lack of rest and exercise create increased acid waste in our body. This leads to progression of a number of degenerative diseases too. The only means to reduce the effects of acid in your body is to reduce consumption of excess red meat, processed products, which contain white flour, and refined foods.

If the pH in your cells turns too acidic, it won’t be long before your cellular system gets affected due to toxic wastes, and this will result in death of cells. If your body contains more acid, you are likely to display symptoms of anxiety, fatigue during early hours, rapid heartbeat, high BP, insomnia, nervousness, problems of digestive tract, etc.


Ways to Balance Your pH

Generally, alkalinity measures the ability of any solution to neutralize acids to equivalent carbonates. However, in reference to the human body, a pH of 7.4 needs to be maintained and this is alkaline in nature. In fact, the alkalinity of any solution is measured by its ability to fight acids.

With in awareness of nutrition and dieting, alkaline diets high in fruits and vegetables is gaining importance. Alkaline water is believed to benefit hydration and help flush out of toxins from your body. It is believed to restore the right amount of pH in your body too.

Fruits, vegetables, alkaline water, and anti aging supplements can balance your pH, leaving you looking and feeling younger and healthier.

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