The Benefits and Advantages of hCG Weight Loss Programs

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Weight loss journeys can be intimidating, and they require a strong commitment to making healthy lifestyle choices. It can be difficult to stay on track and balance the busyness of life along with the process of trying to lose weight. Luckily, hCG weight loss programs offer patients the opportunity to quickly lose unwanted weight, while instilling healthy eating habits to maintain one’s desired weight. 

What is hCG Weight Loss?

hCG Weight Loss Programs utilize the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone to amplify weight loss results in a shorter time frame than other weight loss programs. hCG is a natural hormone that is found in both men and women, and is produced during pregnancy. Using hCG as a weight loss aid dates back to the 1950s, when it was discovered that it significantly reduces the size of fat cells. The process occurs as the hCG hormone targets vital nutrients that are stored in fat cells, and converts them to send back to the body through the bloodstream.

How Does it Work?

At Atlanta Medical Institute, our hCG weight loss programs typically range from 3-6 weeks. During this time, patients are placed on a restricted diet, which includes a low fat intake. This restricted diet usually consists of an intake between 500-800 calories a day, which is usually an easy adjustment for most clients because the strength of the hCG hormone naturally suppresses the patient's appetite. With the combination of the hCG hormone and a strict diet throughout the duration of the weight loss program, the average patient will see a loss of about one pound per day. The weight loss results of our hCG weight loss programs are quick, but most of our patients do not feel intense hunger or weakness while they are in a caloric deficit during the program because of the natural appetite suppressing hormone. Our hCG weight loss program is proven to produce quick results, but also jumpstart and support long term weight loss.

What are the Benefits of hCG Weight Loss Programs?

The results of our hCG weight loss programs are rapid, helping you achieve the results you have been searching for. Even though our hCG weight loss program provides quick results for your weight loss goals, the benefits are even greater. Because of the restricted diet that patients are placed on throughout the program, it instills healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will continue to promote weight loss after the hCG program is completed. Atlanta Medical Institute’s hCG weight loss program offers drastic weight loss results in a very short amount of time, leaving patients with a newfound vigor and excitement to continue healthy eating and lifestyle habits they learned throughout the hCG weight loss program. The eating and lifestyle habits learned during the hCG program contribute to the dedication and motivation to stay healthy and to continue losing weight after the program is complete.

Why Choose Atlanta Medical Institute for hCG Weight Loss?

At Atlanta Medical Institute, our primary goal is to help our patients achieve the results they have been searching for. Our medical professionals create customized weight loss plans for you to ensure that your personal goals are achieved. Our patients have experienced great successes while on our hCG weight loss program, and we are here to give you the results that you have envisioned. 

For more information about Atlanta Medical Institute’s hCG weight loss program, click here . Here, you can also schedule a free consultation with one of our professionals to find the best weight loss program tailored to your personal needs and goals. Visit our Facebook page  for the most recent updates and news on AMI and our services. Atlanta Medical Institute is here for you, and strives to optimize your overall wellness and quality of life. 

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