Can Your Diet Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can your diet cause Erectile Dysfunction? Every man encounters some sort of sexual sluggishness from time to time. But when erectile dysfunction (ED) starts to occur on a regular basis, that’s when most men start wondering what they could have done better to help prevent ED- like their diet.

Anything we consume that affect’s our blood circulation, such as food, alcohol or vitamins, can have an effect on an erection.

When achieving an erection, the nerves trigger a release of chemicals, which cause the circulatory system to increase blood flow to the penis. As soon as an ample amount of blood is in the penis, an erection is formed. 

In terms of an erection, blood flow is the most important ingredient. As men get older, more blood vessels break, causing micro-plaque to begin to clog up their veins. When this happens it becomes more difficult to gather the healthy amount of blood needed to create and maintain an erection.

In a nutshell, when the arteries in a man’s body become blocked (usually due to a poor diet) with plaque or fatty deposits, blood will not reach the penis. 

Clogged arteries can also increase the likelihood of a stroke, a heart attack, and even death. Therefore, ED can be a predictor for more serious conditions ahead. 

Clogged arteries & ED.

Arteries can become clogged for many reasons. The most common cause of a clogged artery are poor lifestyle choices like- smoking, drinking or a poor diet. Which in turn, will cause ED in men.

The path to erectile dysfunction often starts at the heart, which pumps blood through arteries to all areas of the body- that includes the penis.

ED often occurs when these pathways are blocked by plaque, a condition known as atherosclerosis

Saturated Fats

Men concerned about ED definitely need to eat healthy. A diet consisting of a lot of saturated fats can cause heart conditions, which can result in ED. 

Having a high-fat diet can lead to blockages in the coronary arteries which decreases the size of the arteries that supply blood flow to the penis.

A study from Clinical Endocrinology concluded that men who consumed excessive amounts of sugar suffer a decrease in testosterone levels which is the body’s hormone that ignites the sex drive.

Saturated fat is found in:

  • butter 
  •  suet
  •  lard
  • coconut oil and palm oil
  • cakes
  • biscuits
  • fatty cuts of meat
  • sausages
  • bacon
  • cured meats like salami, chorizo and pancetta
  • cheese
  • pastries, such as pies, quiches, sausage rolls and croissants
  • cream, like crème fraîche and sour cream & ice cream
  • coconut milk and coconut cream
  • milkshakes
  • chocolate and chocolate spreads

We know, that’s all the tasty foods! But when weighing what’s important with your health and love life you may find that cutting out some of your favorite foods is the better alternative.

Changing your diet can help combat ED. 

Most conditions of ED are caused by poor diets alone and can be fixed after only a few weeks. That alone should be enough of an incentive to skip those Twinkies and Mountain Dews.

Actually, research shows that men who strictly follow good diets, like the Mediterranean diet, have a lower probability of developing ED. 

A Mediterranean diet favors fresh, plant-based foods with fish and a little meat over processed foods and a high intake of meat.

Diets rich in fruits, vegetables and seeds may also reduce impotence. 

Foods such as watermelon, spinach, dark chocolate, salmon, oranges, blueberries, almonds and walnuts, are all believed to help a man stay erect. 

So make sure to add these food items to your next grocery list!

GAINSWave Shock Wave Therapy

Eating healthy is a great way to improve ED. Not only may it cure the condition but, eating healthy has a host of other benefits such as: boosting one’s immunity, improving the digestive system and improving muscles. Not to mention, eating healthy will ultimately help you live a longer life!

Sadly, every man suffering with ED will not be cured by just eating apples and walnuts alone. Luckily, the Atlanta, GA., men that suffer from impotence have several options to choose from. 

Option 1.

The local pharmacy will offer a plethora of ED solutions, however, many will not work. 

Option 2.

Popular ED medications like Viagra and Cialis, will certainly help when the mood strikes. But, such a solution is only temporary. The next time you are in the mood, you will be faced with the same dilemma. Will it work or not?

That’s where Gainswave comes in! 

Option 3.

GAINSWave Shock Wave treatment! This life-changing treatment is non-invasive, safe and it actually works! It’s so effective because it cures the problem at the heart of the problem. 

While other ED remedies stimulate a temporary increase of blood to the penis, GAINSWave uses high-frequency and low-intensity sound waves to remove plaque from the blood and create new and healthy blood vessels. 

Essentially, GAINSWave Shock Wave therapy improves blood flow! 

Do something about your ED today! 

Bottom line..ED affects many males, especially as they get older, and the Atlanta Medical Institute is the leading Men’s Health clinic that can help you understand why ED is occurring and provide treatment. 

In fact, not only can they help make a suitable treatment plan for your ED with GAINSWave, they’re also Atlanta’s leading weight loss clinic! 2 birds, one stone!

Losing both excess weight and treating your ED with GAINSWave will definitely contribute to a happier and healthy sex life.

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