How to Enjoy The Holidays Without The Weight Gain

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Holiday weight gain is a common concern for many adults. Various seasonal holidays may encourage overeating, sedentary behavior, and consumption of yummy calorie-rich foods. 

To be fair, the average holiday weight gain is usually just one to five pounds. But those pounds add up year after year if you continuously brush them off. And as you get older weight loss becomes harder and harder. 

Here at the Atlanta Medical Institute in Atlanta. GA., we specialize in weight management and wanted to share some tips on how you can enjoy the holidays without the weight gain. Let’s get started. 

1. Stick to your usual meal routine

Between shopping, baking, and get-togethers, we understand that the holidays make it extremely difficult to stick to your usual meal routine. What people don’t realize is that when you constantly skip meals, or go a long time without eating, your body goes into survival mode. This causes your cells and body to crave food which causes you to eat a lot when you do eat. We also usually tend to crave unhealthy foods and all attempts at eating healthy go out the door. When you are that hungry, anything goes.

Extra tips to help you avoid skipping meals 

Let’s face it—the holiday season can be hectic. If you are extremely busy, try following these tips:

  • Eat smaller, frequent meals throughout the day rather than skipping meals.
  • Always have a snack around like yogurt or a granola bar to hold you over until your next meal.
  • Eat snacks high in protein and fiber.  They will keep you full longer.
  • Plan your meals in advance or prepare them the night before.
  • Make a schedule for the week to avoid overbooking yourself or falling behind.
  • Set an alarm to ring at lunchtime if you are going to be running around all day.
  • Make a lunch date. You cannot skip a meal if you have already made plans with friends or family

2. Don’t let the holiday stress get to you 

As noted above, the holidays tend to add more to your to-do list. The extra demands can be overwhelming and raise your stress levels. It isn’t uncommon to turn to food to cope with stress. And with all the holiday goodies, you may overindulge in high-fat, high-sugar treats.

Instead of food, find healthier ways to limit your holiday stress such as exercise, meditation, or simply sitting down and listening to your favorite holiday music.

3. Eat your fruits and vegetables

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says filling up on fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Low in calories and high in fiber, fruits and vegetables keep you feeling full and may limit your desire to nibble on holiday treats.

If you’re looking for some healthy fruit and veggie ideas this Holiday season, there’s an endless buffet of delicious dishes and how to make them online. 

4. Stock up on healthy snacks

From November through the New Year, it may feel like you can’t escape the tins, trays, and packages of seasonal goodies. 

To keep yourself from grabbing one of the holiday cookies from the tray in the breakroom, keep a stash of your own healthy snacks to limit the temptation, such as fruits, veggies, nuts, whole-grain crackers, and low-fat cheese.

5. Don’t go to a party hungry

You aren’t alone if you “save room” so you can eat to your heart’s content when you get to the holiday party. This plan may backfire, however, if you show up to the party ravenously hungry, you could wind up losing all self-control and eating more calories than you intend. 

Before you head out the door, eat a small snack, such as a handful of nuts or low-fat yogurt to curb your hunger and stay in control.

6. Create a healthy plate

Holiday parties often include a buffet of food options. If you’re trying to avoid holiday weight gain, create a healthy plate when you hit the food line. 

Fill half your plate with non starchy vegetables, one-quarter of your plate with healthy proteins, and the other one-quarter with your starch. 

7. Limit the holiday cocktails

Wine, eggnog, and holiday cocktails are filled with empty calories and sugar. Before you know it, you may consume a meal’s worth of liquid calories before your holiday feast.

To keep a lid on holiday weight gain, drink only one or two holiday cocktails, and then switch over to water.

8. Allow yourself one treat a day

The holidays can be particularly tough for those with a sweet tooth, but there’s no need to deprive yourself of all the holiday goodies. To satisfy your need for sweets, allow yourself one portion-controlled treat a day, and take your time to savor every bite.

9. Burn off the extra calories with activity

Staying active is one of the best ways to burn off the extra calories from all the holiday goodies. Taking a brisk 15-minute walk after each meal or adding an extra 15 minutes to your usual workout routine can really help you burn off the extra calories, so you can avoid the holiday weight gain.

10. Get a good night’s rest

You may sacrifice sleep to be able to fit in all the activities during the holiday season. However, sleep deprivation may lead to weight gain. According to the Mayo Clinic, the less people sleep, the more they weigh. 

Don’t let the holidays deprive you of your sleep. Aim for a solid seven to nine hours each night to help prevent holiday weight gain. 

Atlanta Medical Institute 

The holidays are filled with traditions, but weight gain doesn’t have to be one of them. If you’re struggling to manage your weight, we can help! Atlanta Medical Institute is much more than just a weight loss clinic in Atlanta. We are your team of friendly and experienced professionals who want you to succeed.

Our weight loss specialists at our facility will not only help you shed unwanted weight but also help you to feel healthy and happy, too. We will be your partner through a journey designed to encourage your self-confidence as you work toward the body you’ve always wanted.

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