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Most ‘Age Spots’ are Sun Spots

However what they are really mostly asking about are sun spots? Most age spots are these which are stuck-on appearing bumps, which looks almost as if you could pick them off with your finger. Those are called seborrheic keratosis, and those are the bumps that usually come around middle age, usually doctors are not quite sure what they are from. They’re warty-like growths which can be frozen off.

Generally what most people are asking about when they ask about age spots are they really a sun spots. These might be either freckle, which we call ephelides, or they are solar lentigos. These spots are caused due to exposure of the skin to the sun and tend to accumulate with more and more sun exposure and also tend to grow if we don’t treat them.

Lasers are the Ideal Treatment for Brown Spot & Age Spot Removal

Lasers Treatment is ideal for age spot removal. As the melanin pigment absorbs light, almost any color of laser Treatment lights can be used to take away these brown spots on the skin. There are a number of lasers Treatment which may be used for this. For example, the Q-switched lasers are very safe which treat the surface of the skin. Doctors usually use the 532nm Nd:YAG laser, which is a green light laser. 694 Ruby Q-switched laser, 1064 Nd:YAG , 755nm Alexandrite Q-switched laser can also use the laser which is an invisible, infrared laser. One can use the Perfecta; it is a pulsed-dye laser with a compression hand piece. There are also the Intense Pulsed Light sources; they are very good for removing brown spots.

Get Checked for Skin Cancer

The most important thing before to getting your brown spots or liver spots lasered off is to go to the dermatologist and get a check up and even discuss about the same. This becomes even more important especially if you’re being treated by a non-dermatologist. The reason for this is that some brown spots may look perfectly harmless to you, however it may actually be cancers or pre-cancers and need to be examined by a dermatologist.

If you get these treated with laser, the danger is that they will be partially removed and the doctor won’t be able to tell if it’s cancerous or not. So it’s extremely important to be seen by a dermatologist to have those checked. If they are benign, you can safely have them removed.

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