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What is Menopause Treatment?

If you are a woman, you most likely have an acute awareness of menopause. It is nature's way of telling us our body is aging. Regardless of what stage of menopause you are currently in, it has most likely affected you in numerous ways. For women, the first signs of menopause usually start in their mid-40s but can begin even earlier through a process known as perimenopause. Defined as a time when a woman ceases to have a menstruation cycle for 12 months, menopause is caused by a decrease in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone production in the ovaries, which are crucial to your sexuality and health.

Dr. Elbridge Bills or Dr. Jeff Semel can administer a treatment plan for women in Atlanta, GA who are experiencing menopause symptoms, including supplements, hormone replacement therapy, nutraceuticals, massages, and more. Since each patient’s symptoms and bodies are different, no two menopause therapy treatments are alike. Our team at Atlanta Medical Institute will closely monitor your body’s response to menopause therapy, ensuring that your treatment is right for your body.

What are the signs of Menopause and Perimenopause?

Some of the earlier signs and symptoms of estrogen deficiency are frequent waking at night. A woman’s short-term retention may be dwindling, and her concentration and focus may not be as good as they used to be. Frequently, women may experience some loss of energy to the point that they actually slide into symptoms of chronic fatigue. In addition, women may experience some mood swings and irritability. One symptom that is not so frequently discussed is the loss of sexual drive. Not only is our energy level and sense of well-being diminishing, but anticipation and enjoyment of sexual activity are waning as well.

Perimenopause, on the other hand, is characterized by fluctuating hormone levels which cause symptoms of low or high estrogen levels accompanied by inadequate or absent progesterone production. Some of these symptoms, however, can occur at any time in a woman’s life and may not be indicative of perimenopause. Ten years before your final menstrual period and as early as 35 years old, many women still experience many of the same symptoms associated with menopause. This is a time in life during which ovarian hormone patterns change but isn’t a function of aging as we were led to believe in the past. Some symptoms, such as wrinkles, bloating, depression, age spots, poor focus, and mood swings, become more common now. Additionally, many women experience the same symptoms of menopause even though they continue to have their period.

How Does Menopause Treatment Work?

While we cannot reverse the aging process, we can certainly optimize it by restoring the normal balance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in menopausal women. Hormone imbalance symptoms are the result of a hormone deficiency state, not a normal aging process. Restoring your body to a normal balance of hormones will go a long way toward making you feel like a younger, healthier, happier woman again.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop menopause as it is a natural process in a woman’s life. The difference is what options you choose to do about it. Natural hormone replacement will help overcome these changes in your body and make you feel like you did in your thirties. Whatever your symptoms, Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), stress reduction, or a change in lifestyle and nutrition can be part of any solution.

Turn Back the Clock

These years of your life should find you healthy, energetic, and full of wonder and fulfillment. Don’t allow accelerated aging to steal from you your sex drive, your vigor, or your priceless health and longevity. Contact Atlanta Medical Institute today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bills or Dr. Semel. We have years of experience helping women in Atlanta, GA thrive during the often difficult period of menopause.

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