Migraine Headache Treatment


Affecting 12% of the population, a migraine is a neurological condition that causes moderate to severe headaches. Migraines typically affect one part of the head and may last from 2 – 3 hours or 3 – 4 days. Usually, they most often occur in younger patients and women. A migraine can happen for several reasons, including physical activity, hormonal fluctuations, stress, dietary reasons, and emotional triggers. When they occur, it causes a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that may hinder you from performing daily activities. Migraine symptoms may include throbbing or pulsing, light sensitivity, smell and touch problems, queasy stomach, or vomiting. If you suffer from migraines, please do not put off treatment any longer. We understand how painful it can be to live with debilitating headaches.


There are no exact reasons for migraines. While there may be some genetic connections, emotional stress is often one of the biggest triggers. When under stress, the brain goes into “flight” or “fight” mode and releases certain chemicals that increase the chance for a severe headache. In addition to stress, whether physical or emotional, certain foods and beverages can also trigger migraines, like coffee, chocolates, cheese, and alcohol. These can account for 30% of migraine cases. Other causes can include changing weather conditions (excessive cold or extreme heat), periods, tension, skipping meals, and lack of sleep.
Will migraines get better over time?    
Often, as patients age, they begin to experience fewer and fewer migraines. However, this is not always the case. To avoid uncomfortable symptoms, we provide preventive treatments and methods for helping decrease the occurrence of migraines.
Can migraines damage my brain?      
Even when you have an incredibly severe migraine, it does not cause any permanent damage. At Atlanta Medical Institute, we will provide a treatment plan that helps you manage your migraines.
Are there different types of migraines?  
Yes, patients can suffer from common migraines called “classic migraines” or “aura migraines,” which can cause vision problems, like blurry eyesight, wavering light, and zigzag lines.


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We offer several treatments to help you live more comfortably. Our treatment options may include:

Because migraines do not have a specific cause, we will work to treat them holistically. If we think they may occur because of specific lifestyle choices, our team can provide guidance on how to break those habits. We strongly recommend incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle, which generally includes avoiding smoking/drinking, taking care of your body, and doing your best to reduce stressful triggers.

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