I have struggled with weight and body image for most of my life, beginning in preadolescence. While genetics may play a role, it was my relationship with food at the root of the problem. Eat to remember. Eat to forget. Eat because I’m happy. Eat because I’m sad. Or, place a “don’t” at the beginning of each of those. The result was yo-yo dieting, attempting every workout regimen imaginable, weight fluctuation and becoming more and more self-critical as years passed.

Then I discovered Atlanta Medical Institute. The staff spent time with me to assess my overall status; lauded me for the things I am doing correctly and advising me how to improve or change things that sabotage me, from what and when I eat to the duration and frequency of physical activity. They helped me set attainable, challenging goals. Their emotional support and positive reinforcement encourage me to stay focused and keep going.

To say that I am surprised and grateful is an understatement! After just five weeks in the program, I have lost 20 lbs and am well on my way to my optimal self. I look great; I feel great! I have energy, motivation and well-being. Finally.

Thank you, everyone at Atlanta Medical Institute!