I used to exercise regularly, but over the past few years, my schedule has made it difficult to workout.  I began to gain weight in my mid section and in April I finally decided I needed to lose 40 pounds.

I felt like my eating habits were not terrible, though I did tend to over do my intake at times. Generally I would eat 2 big meals a day and found that skipping a meal was not helping me lose the weight at all.

Based on a friend’s recommendation, I decided to go to Atlanta Medical Institute for a weight loss consultation. Following a discussion of my eating and exercise habits, the consultant made recommendations that included hCG and phentermine as well as an outline of my food intake.

After 2 weeks on the program I went from 227 to 213 pounds. What was great was that the program was not that difficult. I was impressed that I was losing weight at the pace I was losing it, but without the struggle. I did have to follow the eating instructions, but the use of the appetite suppressant with the hCG made it doable.

I continued on the program through the month and lost 30 pounds.

I feel so much better and fit into clothes that were out of the question a short while ago.

Very grateful!