What Questions Should I Ask My Weight Loss Physician? 

Losing weight and then keeping it off is hard because everyone’s body responds to weight loss differently. While healthy eating and increased physical activity are important, for many people it may not be enough to keep the weight off. So you decide to make an appointment and consult a weight loss management physician, but when you get there you have No Idea what to ask them. Don’t worry, they’ll know what questions to ask you, but what questions should you ask them? We’ve done the work for you and compiled a few important ones here for you.

Do I Need To Lose Weight?

This may seem silly or obvious, but it’s also important to consider the current state of your physical health. If you have pre-existing conditions, whether it be your physical or mental health, you should always consult with a weight loss physician before attempting any new diet. When you start on a new diet plan, you’re often changing your eating and exercising habits suddenly and this can affect or uncover underlying health problems that you may have.

How Much Weight Do I Need To Lose?

Your weight loss physician can help you determine how much you need to lose. What you may have as a goal weight may not be right for your body type or health. Having a weight loss management physician to guide you will help you set a realistic goal that also keeps you safer. This doctor can tell you how much weight you actually need to lose and can also help you avoid overdoing it.

Is My Current Weight Affecting My Health?

If you’re overweight or obese, your weight could be causing other medical issues including:

*Each of these health problems can be avoided and improved if you lose weight. 

What Should I Eat and How Much Of It Should I Eat?

You may think you have a good idea on healthy eating but we promise you that but your doctor knows far more than you do. There are certain foods that can also hinder your diet and treatments that you may have thought are a healthy choice. Your weight management physician can recommend specific foods based on your history, what medications you’re taking, and what other health issues that you’re currently dealing with. Also, depending on the weight loss program and treatments that is decided is best for you, they’ll also let you know the correct number of calories that you’ll need to take in each day throughout your diet and treatments. 

How Much Exercise Should I do?

If you’re trying to lose weight, exercise will definitely help but certain exercises may not be right for you. Different types of exercise demand more energy, so at the Atlanta Medical Institute your weight loss physician will help you to figure out what kind of exercise regimen is right for you and how often you should do them.

When you embark on your weight loss journey, there’s always that fear in the back of your head that you will not accomplish what you set out to do. Or, that when you do lose the weight, will you regain everything afterwards. Both these concerns stem from a fear of failure.Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, think about the possibilities of what could go right! This year is YOUR year to accomplish you weight loss goals.


At AMI [Atlanta Medical Institute], we want you to love your body. We know how difficult it can feel to lose a significant amount of weight. During your consultation, our Atlanta weight loss specialists will help you:

Understand the impact of lifestyle choices on your health and the benefits of change

  1. Identify the barriers that get in your way
  2. Build skills and provide the tools you need to change your behavior
  3. & Increase motivation and self-confidence needed for change

In addition, some of our programs include meal plans, sleep quality, and guidance on food restrictions. No matter the age, fitness level, size, or health condition, our group takes a proactive approach when helping patients optimize their health.

Schedule an appointment for a free consultation or contact us if you have any questions! We’re ready to help you at every step of your weight loss journey.

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