Why AMI for Weight Loss


AMI vs Other Weight Loss Programs


Time to 30 Pound Weight Loss Goal (weeks)
Number of Visits Required
Continued Calorie Restriction / Food Plan / Meetings Required
Cost $$
AMI Weight Loss 4-8 weeks  2 to 4  YES $495-$1200
Jenny Craig 20 Weeks 20 YES $2,379 Includes $100/wk for Food.
Weight Watchers 20 Weeks 20 YES $240 Food NOT Included.
NutriSystem 15 Weeks 0 YES $1,124 Does NOT include fruit, veggies, or dairy.
Zone Diet 14 Weeks 0 YES $3,800 - $5,100 depending on MEAL plan
MediFast 24 Weeks 12 YES $1,500 to $1,800



Why Choose Atlanta Medical Institute Weight Loss Program?


  • Cost Effective: The table above was generated from a Bankrate.com article that compares our program to other popular weight loss programs in terms of cost, convenience and need for after care to maintain.

  • Proven Results: Tried and tested protocol.

  • Personalized Approach: Support from a knowledgeable and caring staff. One on one visits with your practitioner.

  • Structured Program: AMI structured approach ensures patient success.

  • Medically Supervised: Followed by a qualified medical professional.

  • Healthy Way to Lose Weight: The AMI program ensures patients receive proper nutritional support including high quality supplements and anti-oxidant teas. Only whole and unprocessed foods are permitted.

  • Utilizes Non-Injectable HCG: More stable and effective than transdermal formulations.

  • No Hunger: Calorie restriction alone is difficult and painful but HCG allows your body to use its stored fat for energy virtually eliminating hunger. HCG assists in diminishing cravings for starches and sugars.

  • Easy to Maintain: There is an easy mechanism for maintaining the weight loss that does not require medications, procedures, restrictive diets or expensive ‘for-life’ meal plans.

  • Fast: Patients can lose up to 40 – 50 pounds in just eight weeks. The national and well known ‘meal-plan’ diets take much longer to yield comparable results to those obtained with HCG weight loss.

  • Effective: Targets stored fat: Specifically hips, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and underarms resulting in body contouring. Structural fat under the skin is spared.

  • Safe / Low-Risk: Surgical weight loss results are unpredictable. Scarring, infection, poor healing and much higher costs are always concerns for anyone considering this approach for eliminating fat. Additionally, the risks of anesthesia should always be carefully considered. Diet medications or pills are habit forming stimulants and fraught with multiple side effects, including raising blood pressure, which are not consistent with a true wellness program. There is also the well known phenomenon of immediately regaining weight once these medications are discontinued, driving patients back for more.




hCG Disclaimer: The use of hCG for the purpose of weight loss is off-label. The FDA allows physicians to prescribe hCG off-label. We are required by law to post the following information: The FDA has not approved hCG and there is no substantial evidence that hCG is effective in the treatment of obesity.



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