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Atlanta Medical Institute is a premier facility for weight loss, regenerative medicine, men’s and women’s sexual health, anti-aging, and overall wellness in Atlanta, GA. Our highly trained medical staff is experienced in the latest pharmaceutical and holistic treatments available – including the highly effective weight-loss drug semaglutide. Whether you’re in search of proven anti-aging treatments or you’re simply ready to stop dieting and start truly losing weight, we’re always happy to lend our expertise to help you look and feel incredible. At our practice, you’ll find the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming environment that will make your experience absolutely unforgettable.

Get Ready to Look & Feel Your Best

Since 2010, our medical weight loss program has helped over 40,000 patients successfully lose weight. Our total weight loss combined is over one-million pounds.

Have your weight loss efforts been falling short despite you painstakingly counting calories? If so, let us assure you, it’s not because you didn’t or couldn’t do it right – it’s because most “diet plans” out there are neither practical nor balanced, which means they are simply not sustainable.

Instead of encouraging simple, small adjustments or using the newest proven medicines, like semaglutide, these fad diets ask you to make big changes and aim for dramatic results overnight. In the end, nothing gets delivered. Not to mention most of these diet plans are generic and mass-driven. They fail to take into account that everyone has a different type of body, metabolism, and mindset. 

At Atlanta Medical Institute, we do things differently. Our holistic approach to weight loss and well-being delivers your desired results through a personalized weight loss program. We help patients change their eating habits for good so they never feel “deprived” while on their quest to lose weight. Our programs include FDA-approved pharmaceuticals and natural supplements along with behavioral counseling in order to identify your triggers for binge-eating or overeating and help you develop better coping skills.

Atlanta Medical Institute

Semaglutide Weight-Loss Program

Have you heard about the new weight-loss medication taking Hollywood and the rest of the world by storm? Are you looking to take your weight-loss journey up a notch? Our Semaglutide weight-loss program might be the right fit for you. 

Semaglutide is a ground-breaking innovation in the fight against adult obesity and diabetes. This once-weekly injection, sold under the brand names of Ozempic® or Wegovy™, has been approved by The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for chronic weight control since June 2021.Thanks to this groundbreaking new medication, you can now lose weight and improve your overall health without having to constantly struggle with food cravings and setbacks. 

When you visit Atlanta Medical Institute, a doctor will assess your current health status to determine if you are a good candidate for Semaglutide. Under medical supervision, our Semaglutide weight-loss program will help you achieve your fitness objectives in no time. Make an appointment today to learn more about Semaglutide!

Your Atlanta, GA Anti-Aging and
Weight-Loss Services

We specialize in a wide variety of health treatments, including medical, semaglutide, and weight loss programs. Our goal is to help each of our patients reach their health and aesthetic goals through a precise treatment plan carefully curated by Dr. Elbridge Bills and Dr. Jeff Semel. Take advantage of our numerous services to discover a whole new you.

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Atlanta’s Best-Kept Secret to Losing Weight

Our boutique-style, state-of-the-art clinic in Atlanta, GA provides health-centered weight loss and anti-aging treatments in a peaceful setting. We offer tailor-made programs to patients who would like to try medically-supervised appetite suppressants, hormone replacement injections, weight loss programs, Semaglutide and other GLP-1 weight loss supplements, body detoxification, or natural nutraceuticals that are customized to their specific lifestyles.

Whatever your weight loss goals are, Atlanta Medical Institute is dedicated to finding a solution that best fits your needs. By talking to a board-certified weight loss doctor and nutritional counselor during your initial consultation, you can discuss your body fat goals and how to achieve long-lasting results. Our evidence-based weight loss programs are ideal for you if:

  • You wish to adopt a diet plan which is specifically made for you by medical experts.

  • You want to learn how to quit unhealthy lifestyle habits for good and adopt healthy ones like increasing physical activity.

  • You want to improve your health and lower your risk of developing conditions like diabetes, by getting more exercise and consuming foods recommended by medical professionals.

  • You want a diet plan that you can easily follow for a lifetime – not a quick fix or a fad.

Turn Back the Clock on Aging With Our Advanced Hormone Therapy Treatments

Your body produces various hormones that control most of your bodily functions, from your libido and reproduction to your mood and energy levels. When these hormone levels start to drop because of aging or underlying health conditions, almost all of your body’s functions may begin to suffer.

We offer Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to supplement your body with the necessary hormones you need – estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone for women and testosterone or low-T for Men. These anti-aging treatments might be a great option for you if you’re suffering from unwanted physical, sexual, or psychological changes due to declining hormone levels.

For women, our HRT and BHRT therapies can help alleviate the following conditions:

  • Weight gain

  • Fatigue

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Decreased libido

  • Mood swings

  • Cognitive difficulties

  • Hot flashes (associated with perimenopause and menopause)

For men, HRT can help alleviate the following conditions:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Decreased libido

  • Loss of muscle mass

  • Weight gain

  • Lower endurance

  • Fatigue

  • Hair loss

  • Memory problems

Modern Medicine Meets Old-Fashioned Dedication to Patients at Atlanta Medical Institute

Each member of the team at Atlanta Medical Institute is dedicated to caring for you. We are passionate about helping our patients, and we are here to make sure you get incredible results. Our physicians are board-certified by the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, and as such, have undergone extensive training in hormone replacement therapy to help restore hormone health and optimize your overall well-being.

Our weight loss clinic experts have helped over 40,000 patients collectively lose 1 million pounds and regain their self confidence. Our unique, research-backed approach to weight loss and eliminating or decreasing fat cells meshes into a truly effective regime that can help you achieve remarkable, ageless results within a few weeks.

To learn more about how we can help you reach a healthy weight or our other services, call us today at (404) 264-9553 or book your appointment online. You’ll love the whole new you!