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Discover what patients love most about their visits to Atlanta Medical Institute and the best doctors near me serving the Atlanta area by taking a look through our patient reviews. Our Atlanta Med Spa reviews highly revere the best doctors near me for having a passionate staff, innovative technology, and calming ambiance, which creates a truly remarkable experience for high-quality care. Visit Atlanta Medical Institute with Dr. Jeff Semel or Dr. Elbridge Bills today for all of your health and Atlanta MedSpa needs.

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“Take the first step in your health and wellness journey at Atlanta Medical Institute, our Atlanta Med Spa located in Atlanta, GA, our facility specializes in weight loss, anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy, men’s health, women’s wellness and chiropractic services. Our staff is highly experienced in administering a diverse selection of treatments in order to better serve the needs of our patients. For our patients hoping to reduce their arthritis symptoms or improve their overall health, we provide medical weight loss programs, menopause treatment, Low testosterone treatment, erectile dysfunction, optimization and more. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals, questions, and concerns with the best doctors near me serving greater Atlanta- Dr. Jeff Semel or Dr. Elbridge Bills before deciding on your personalized treatment plan.”
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A Personal Story on Weight Loss At Atlanta MedSpa

“…the biggest difference to me is how I feel about myself. My glass isn’t half empty anymore, it’s half full. I really believe that I can do just about anything I put my mind to. I am looking forward to living the rest of my life as a healthy woman, not in fear of getting sick and being afraid of becoming more and more obese.”

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Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30342


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Cleora Mitchell
Cleora Mitchell
December 15, 2023.
Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and very patient with helping me through my wt loss journey.
Nilla Loin
Nilla Loin
December 1, 2023.
Amazing services and support! Always! Superior staff with incredible consistency! Highly recommend!
Dolce Hair Designs
Dolce Hair Designs
November 30, 2023.
I love Janet and everybody else there!!! They are attentive and very good people!
Oleta Jo
Oleta Jo
November 30, 2023.
I have had great success at Atlanta Medical Institute with their HCG / Phentermine program - I lost 60 lbs with two rounds and kept it off with very little maintenance! Janet is my main contact there and she is so incredibly supportive! It’s like having your own cheerleader section - she is absolutely PRECIOUS! I highly recommend AMI for your weight loss journey and endeavors for higher health!
Richard Reiter
Richard Reiter
November 23, 2023.
I have been a client of AMI for over 3 years and have had nothing but success from there programs.
T. Johns
T. Johns
November 21, 2023.
Ever since someone told me about Dr. Carlisle, who is a chiropractor, I've been going to him for an old accident injury and now for something else. He's always helped my low back or my neck as much as he can depending on the issue. And he'll let you know we can try different things if it doesn't work then I guess you know at least he tried his best! I will say this he will keep you rolling in the house as they used to say which means they will keep you laughing! He likes to get his patients in and out as quickly as possible and FYI he is a fast talker. But you leave feeling better then when you first came in. It may take a while but you will start to feel better and for me it's been some years since I last saw him up until recently. But I guess that's what happens when you're in a bad accident or several accidents the pain can come back. But you have to also help yourself by exercising and I think that has helped a lot throughout the years as to why I hadn't been back in so long. Because he did tell me symptoms can't come back. So give him a try he may be a good distance from some people but give him a try you won't be disappointed!