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Discover what patients love most about their visits to Atlanta Medical Institute and the best doctors near me serving the Atlanta area by taking a look through our patient reviews. Our Atlanta Med Spa reviews highly revere the best doctors near me for having a passionate staff, innovative technology, and calming ambiance, which creates a truly remarkable experience for high-quality care. Visit Atlanta Medical Institute with Dr. Jeff Semel or Dr. Elbridge Bills today for all of your health and Atlanta MedSpa needs.

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“Take the first step in your health and wellness journey at Atlanta Medical Institute, our Atlanta Med Spa located in Atlanta, GA, our facility specializes in weight loss, anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy, men’s health, women’s wellness and chiropractic services. Our staff is highly experienced in administering a diverse selection of treatments in order to better serve the needs of our patients. For our patients hoping to reduce their arthritis symptoms or improve their overall health, we provide medical weight loss programs, menopause treatment, Low testosterone treatment, erectile dysfunction, optimization and more. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals, questions, and concerns with the best doctors near me serving greater Atlanta- Dr. Jeff Semel or Dr. Elbridge Bills before deciding on your personalized treatment plan.”
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“…the biggest difference to me is how I feel about myself. My glass isn’t half empty anymore, it’s half full. I really believe that I can do just about anything I put my mind to. I am looking forward to living the rest of my life as a healthy woman, not in fear of getting sick and being afraid of becoming more and more obese.”

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May 26, 2021.
Edit: Well years later, I’m back and they’re at a new location. It’s beautiful and everyone is still super nice. I can’t wait to see my results. I've been the big girl with a pretty face it seems all my life, well the majority. My parents put me on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, & even shock treatment...but to make a long story short I was 26 and 375 lbs! Well it took me like 7-8 months to lose 25 lbs. and keep it off, so right after my 27th birthday I decided to check out the famous B-12 treatments I heard about on the Dr. Oz show. Within my first week on the program at AMI, the weight started to drop. I've only been on the program for a month now and I started at 353 lbs. I now weigh 324 lbs. A total loss of 29 lbs. in one month!!! Who's excited??? I AM. The staff is AWESOME! After my first visit, every time I go in, I'm greeted by name & you are with the same people every time, so you build a relationship & trust (esp. if someone is sticking you in your rear end every week! Lol) with those specific people. They even tell me how proud they are of me & the hard work I have ahead. I'm ALWAYS in & out, no long wait times. I'm so glad I found them, so I can finally stop being just the big girl with a pretty face!
sharlene bell
sharlene bell
June 5, 2020.
I am not sure why a couple of people have said this was a scam and/or that the reviews are fake. This is my second time around which has worked both times. I have lost over 20 pounds in 30 days with no workout BUT I had to stick to the calorie intake. Each program is based on what you want and can afford; but if followed you will lose the weight. They always answer and respond! When I had an issue with supply amount they replenished me to make sure I was happy! So.... No scam or fake review
Stella Webb
Stella Webb
December 13, 2019.
My experience at Atlanta medical institute was great!! The staff is extremely friendly, the office is beautiful, and I lost 20 pounds in 30 days! I highly recommend trying it out if you’re looking to lose weight in the new year
Kim Renee Wilson
Kim Renee Wilson
August 4, 2019.
The Doctor and this staff is the best
Fadi Malouf
Fadi Malouf
July 30, 2019.
Atlanta Medical Institute as been around the longest and it's the most reputable medical wellness clinic in Atlanta. To be honest I was skeptical of medical weight loss centers but found their team of doctors and professionals earnestly concerned about how patients deal with stress, weight issues, neck and back pain, hormones imbalancement and much more. AMI comprehensive testing is exceptionally accurate allowing them to treat their patients with proper treatment. They help patients with creating new eating habits and establishing realistic activities they would enjoy doing to ensure long term results. The founder of this clinic himself is in amazing shape and nearly the entire staff have benefited from the clinics' services. So from first hand, patients are treated with care as if they are family.
T “Tbone” P
T “Tbone” P
July 28, 2019.
I was hoping to lose "the last 10 pounds". I already was eating relatively healthy, hydrating, and exercising regularly. At 6'4", 260 I wanted to get below 250 because I had high cholesterol and a recent diagnosed of non-alcoholic fatty liver. I started the HCG program, and in 10 weeks, I blew past 250, through 240 leveling off at to 235! I dropped a full pant size to a size 36. I haven't been able to get into a 36 since I was in college and that was long ago in the last century. I'm off my cholesterol meds and my liver tests Normal. Today I'm in the best shape since my early 20's. The staff was wonderful, particularly Naomi. I can't take you all enough!
Veronica Bridges
Veronica Bridges
July 8, 2019.
Amazing, friendly staff who really care about your well being. They are very attentive and listen to your concerns while providing excellent feedback. I’ve used them on and off for years and each time it’s a great experience.
Joyce Cavener
Joyce Cavener
April 2, 2019.
I had a wonderful experience going through Atlanta Medical Institute. The staff is always professional and seemed to really care about my progress. Colleagues and friends are constantly asking what I'm doing to look fabulous! I share and defiantly tell them about your practice. Thanks again.
January 26, 2019.
For the last 10 years I been triying to loose weight with extremely Diet programs a lot Cardio and other exercises no results. I get tired and frustrated whatever i do i see a few results but later i gained the weight back. Hard to loose weight Easy to gain weight. So i stop to sacrifice my self and i said Diet and exercise go to hell. Couple years latet i was 250lbs then i got my Blood pressure high with hypertension stage 2 a few numbers from stage 3. So i start to eat healthy No red meats No Fast food No sugar or any type of drinks. A few results but not satisfied So i said i need professional help. And i call ATLANTA MEDICAL INSTITUTE. I make an appointment and i explained my problem so they told me about different types of programs to loose weight But i told them just give me the one it works for me they become with HCG shoots also they guaranty i will loose from 8 to 15 up to 20 pounds in one month. I said wow at least i know for sure I'll loose son weight. I start the hcg shoot back on November 2018 and i finish on December 26 2018. I loose 26 pounds right now im 220 lbs also i loose 5 inches of body mass. After the hcg shoot i start the detox program i know im getting close to my goals thanks to ATLANTA MEDICAL INSTITUTE. The price is kind the significant but i spend more money in yonk food. I see a lot of negative reviews and to be honest nothing that i read make sense. If you need to loose weight don't look the price look the results. Thank you Paige thank you Marie and all the staff help me to put me in the right path too loose weight. Results may vary if you not follow the instructions- also if you cheating there is no program in the world to make you loose weight.