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Anti-Aging Treatments in Atlanta, GA


You may have great genes, eat properly, and exercise regularly, but eventually, the aging process will catch up with you! If you have sagging skin, wrinkles, low testosterone levels, or loss of sex drive, aging may be the reason for these issues. Aging is a natural process that starts after reaching sexual maturity. Influenced by your genetic makeup, lifestyle, stress, and hormone levels, the changes you notice during the aging process occur at a cellular level. At Atlanta Medical Institute, we have designed customizable diagnostic testing to analyze your lifestyle, stress factors, and hormone levels.

During a comprehensive consultation, we can assess your current status and create a personalized program that reduces the negative aspects of aging and treats the conditions you currently experience. Consider how amazing it would be to have more energy, feel mentally sharp, enjoy increased libido, and reduce anxiety or mood swings. The side effects associated with aging can not only slow your activity level but can deplete your sense of well-being and disrupt your creative capacity. For many men and women, the aging process can lead to a dramatic fluctuation in hormones. This can contribute to low energy, sexual dysfunctions, weight gain, hair loss, fragile bones, and raised cholesterol. Thankfully, with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), we can treat these symptoms for an improved quality of life. Please schedule an appointment at Atlanta Medical Institute in Georgia for more information.


Both men and women experience various symptoms during the aging process, from low metabolism and weight gain to brain fog, depression, and reduced sexual desire. Typically, hormone changes play a significant role in the type and intensity of these unwanted problems. Since hormones facilitate healthy mental, emotional, physical, and sexual well-being, unbalanced levels can impact the body, which causes uncomfortable symptoms.
All of these issues can significantly impact a woman’s everyday life. Unfortunately, women often experience hormone symptoms that include:

For a man dealing with low T or other symptoms of aging, the complaints may not be as life-altering as hot flashes and brain fog, but can cause:

Overall, hormonal abnormalities can have a powerful impact on productivity and general enjoyment of life.


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At Atlanta Medical Institute, we will use specialized testing to identify any irregularities in your hormone levels and other metabolic functions. Once identified, our medical director specializing in anti-aging regenerative medicine will design a personalized treatment plan. Your program might include:

Bioidentical hormones are naturally occurring hormones derived from organic botanicals with the same molecular structure as the hormones your body makes. This allows your body to recognize, assimilate, and use these hormones in the very same fashion as the ones you have been making.


Once we have balanced your hormone levels, the function can resume and symptoms vanish, leaving you feeling revived again. This renewed function can help you attain radiant skin, improve muscle mass, encourage weight loss, boost your libido, enhance sexual desire, and increase sexual performance. Additionally, it can improve mental cognition and an overall sense of well-being. Please Call Atlanta Medical Institute in Georgia at 404-777-9155 to set up a complimentary consultation for your Atlanta anti-aging needs. Allow our friendly and professional AMI staff to guide your wellness journey toward optimal health! We look forward to assisting you and helping you look good and feel great!

Schedule an Appointment for a free consultation or Contact Us if you have any questions!

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging medicine seeks to minimize the effects of aging on the mind and body. This evolving school of medical science and applied medicine incorporates a wide variety of treatments and therapies to address everything from sagging skin, wrinkles, and thinning hair to sleep problems, sexual dysfunctions, and age-related loss of mental function. The ultimate goal of anti-aging medicine is to help you live a longer, healthier, and happier existence with an improved quality of life as you age.

Do anti-aging treatments work?

One of the main targets of anti-aging medicine is helping your body rebalance its hormone levels. As we age, the levels of the hormones that regulate nearly every function in our bodies begin to decline. Energy levels, sex drive, muscle density and strength, metabolism, mental clarity and alertness, skin health, and more are all affected by hormones. Anti-aging treatments like hormone therapy have shown dramatic results in helping both men and women to look, feel, and perform more like they did when they were younger.

Does hormone therapy help with aging?

Hormone replacement therapy, while it can’t reverse the aging process, can help to improve the negative effects of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, lowered sex drive, weight gain, muscle loss, less energy, sleep problems, decreased mental function, and thinning hair.

Is hormone replacement therapy safe?

As with any type of treatment or therapy, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for both women and men is about risk vs. reward. While HRT can help with menopause issues for women and andropause for men and improve the overall quality of life, including increasing bone density, metabolism, libido, energy levels, and lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes, it may cause certain conditions to worsen. Some of these risks may include:
At Atlanta Medical Institute, we believe in helping our patients make informed decisions about their healthcare. During your consultation at AMI, Dr. Semels or Dr. Bills will talk to you about the risks and rewards of hormone replacement therapy and how it may help you achieve a higher quality of life.
What vitamins and supplements make you look younger and help with aging?  
Vitamins and supplements can help the body to maintain and repair itself, lower cholesterol, and boost immunity, while antioxidants may help the body rid itself of cell-damaging free radicals. Some of the most common vitamins and supplements to help fight the aging process include:
At Atlanta Medical Institute, we offer pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals that can give you better results than your average vitamins and supplements. Before you start taking any new vitamin or supplement, you should always talk to your doctor.