Can You Have a Delayed Reaction After An Allergy Test?

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Do you live with common allergy symptoms, like chronic congestion and a runny nose? These unwanted issues can affect us on a seasonal basis or year-round. If you are suffering from an allergic reaction but can never pinpoint the cause, consider allergy testing in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta Medical Institute offers the advanced skin prick test, intradermal test, and skin patch test.

Some people are nervous about these tests because they are concerned about getting a delayed allergic reaction. When you visit Dr. Jeff Semel or any one of our experienced professionals, we can explain the process, what is involved, and whether delayed reactions are possible. The good news is that most people do not have to be worried about delayed reactions. Call us to schedule your test and assessment.

Who needs allergy testing?

Allergic reactions are simply the result of our bodies defending themselves. Our immune system overreacts to pollen, for example, by producing antibodies, which travel to cells and release certain chemicals. These chemicals are what cause unfortunate reactions, such as wheezing or difficulty breathing. The original substance that causes the reaction is what is known as an allergen.

Because allergens include everyday things, such as animal dander, dust mites, certain plants, and mold, not everyone understands what is causing their immune response. There could be dozens of different causes for your symptoms. This is why allergy testing in Atlanta, GA, is needed. Atlanta Medical Institute can achieve a proper diagnosis by testing for specific allergens.

How we prepare for allergy testing

Before allergy testing, Atlanta Medical Institute will ask about your medical history and symptoms. It is important to bring a list of your current medications. Some can interfere with the results of your test, so we may recommend stopping antihistamines or antidepressants for up to ten days beforehand. We can also let you know whether the skin prick test, intradermal test, or skin patch test work best for your needs. Dr. Semel can explain the purpose of each one in our office.

About delayed allergic reactions

During allergy tests, patients are exposed to suspected allergens and are observed for signs of a reaction. If there is a response, we can safely assume you are allergic to that substance. Positive skin prick tests, for instance, result in mild itching and swollen bumps, similar to getting a mosquito bite. These symptoms dissipate on their own or with the help of a recommended topical cream.

It is not common to have a delayed allergic reaction during a skin prick test. However, it is possible to experience mild swelling and tenderness, redness, and itching that lasts for several days. Rarely do they produce a severe reaction that requires treatment immediately. If you are still concerned about getting a delayed reaction from any of our tests, please let us know. Atlanta Medical Institute can help ease your worries.

Find relief from allergens

Are you tired of dealing with seasonal allergies? You do not have to live with breathing difficulties and sneezing any longer. Atlanta Medical Institute can help determine what is causing your symptoms so you can live a life in comfort. To learn about comprehensive allergy testing in Atlanta, GA, meet with Dr. Jeff Semel. We can address your concerns and questions about treatment.

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