4 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life After Years of Marriage

You love your wife. She’s been there for you for years, taken care of you when you were ill, cooked you countless meals and was an ear to listen to when times were stressful. Yet you can reminisce on the beginning of your relationship and you miss those early years of spontaneity, romance and late nights staying up and going on dates. With time, those special moments can become few and far between. Life gets in the way and suddenly the spark you once felt seems far and distant. Whether the relationship is rocky, just missing romance or you could just use some additional tips, here are five ways to spice up your love life after many years of marriage. 

  1. Spontaneity 

Spontaneity is acting on a natural impulse. Life can become redundant and predictable and although routine is good, too much of it can leave you and your partner’s love life feeling mundane. Spontaneity can be as big as a vacation trip to the Maldives, to as small as leaving a heartfelt or funny post it note for her to find around the house. Surprise your partner. Take them to new locations and plan new experiences and adventures like hiking trips, a trip to the beach at night, or dance with them alone in the kitchen and surprise them with little thoughtful gifts. Every little thing counts. 

  1. Compliments

You may not realize it, but in the beginning of the relationship, when you’re trying to win your significant other over, compliments are used frequently. This is because compliments make you feel noticed, appreciated and exceptional. As time continues, the compliments dwindle because you know your partner, at least it feels like you do. We begin to take them for granted and lose sight of what we fell in love with in the first place. It’s important to actively remember to compliment your partner. Make it a habit to compliment them at least once a day or more. Doing so will naturally make your partner feel good and start looking for ways to compliment and appreciate you. 

  1. A Shared Hobby

Do you and your partner have something in common that you both can do? This is a very valuable tool to have in your relationship. Having a shared hobby or interest makes conversation and relatability much easier for the two of you. Even if it seems like there is nothing, you can do as little as watch a television show every Tuesday night together that you’re both invested in. You could workout together, create an outdoor garden, or bicycle around the neighborhood together. 

  1. The Bedroom

Intimacy is important for your love life to truly flourish. Often, we put this on the back burner when life gets stressful or problems begin to occur with our sexual wellness but if you want to truly strengthen your bond in your marriage, intimacy in the bedroom is the best way to accomplish that.There is oxytocin that is released during sex and oxytocin is a hormone that makes you feel a sense of bonding and improves emotional intimacy.  If you are struggling with ED or (Erectile Dysfunction) there are options to correct that with a short procedure known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy or low-level sound waves. It requires no recovery and has little to no adverse effects. 

Implementing these tips is a sure way to spice up your love life after many years of marriage. Remember that communication is key. Let them know what you’re after in the relationship and what you both can improve on as a team.

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