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Results of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women and Men

Dr. Jeff Semel | 06/19/2021

Discover how starting HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can be life-changing and how the results can improve your quality of life.


Is GAINSWave® A Viable Treatment for Peyronie's Disease?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 05/19/2021

Peyronie’s disease can make you feel embarrassed about your sexual health. See how GAINSWave treatment works to improve blood flow to your penis.


The Importance of Nutritional Counseling to Help Lose Weight

Dr. Jeff Semel | 05/12/2021

Nutritional counseling allows you to lose unwanted weight safely and effectively. See how we provide supervised weight loss for patients in Atlanta.


How Effective Is GAINSWave® For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Jeff Semel | 04/20/2021

GAINSWave uses advanced acoustic wave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction. Learn how effective treatment can be when scheduling a consultation.


Signs You May Have A Hormonal Imbalance

Dr. Jeff Semel | 04/13/2021

Hormone imbalances can lead to changes in sleep patterns, appetite, and more. Learn how hormone replacement therapy can improve your quality of life.


Can You Have a Delayed Reaction After An Allergy Test?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 03/17/2021

A skin prick or skin patch test can help find the source of your allergies. Learn about our comprehensive options for allergy testing in Atlanta.


Are hCG Injections Safe For Weight Loss?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 03/11/2021

Meet your 2021 weight loss goals with the help of Atlanta Medical Institute in Georgia, and let us provide assistance with an hCG and diet program.


Can Men Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 02/22/2021

Fatigue, weight gain, and low energy are a few signs of a hormone imbalance but can be corrected in men and women with hormone replacement therapy.


Four Advantages to Medical Weight Loss Program, Besides Weight Loss

Dr. Jeff Semel | 02/03/2021

After one of the most difficult years, 2021 offers a chance for us to set new goals, like weight loss with a guided medical weight loss program.


What Can Food Sensitivity Testing Tell You?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 01/13/2021

Food sensitivity exams can test your tolerance for certain foods. Learn about your options for testing and get back on the path to a healthier future.


How Is An Allergy Skin Test Performed?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 12/19/2020

Do you have chronic hives or a runny nose? An allergy skin test can pinpoint your allergies and help you develop a treatment plan moving forward.


Will You Look Younger With Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 11/11/2020

While it's true you can't stop the aging process, hormone replacement therapy can help you slow down natural signs of aging for a youthful look.


How is A Medical Weight Loss Plan Created?

Dr. Jeff Semel | 10/21/2020

Are you struggling to lose weight? With medically supervised weight loss, you receive a personalized plan that meets your diet and lifestyle needs.


Anti Aging for Men

At AMI, we use cutting edge technology and the latest anti-aging techniques on the market today.


Anti Aging for Women

At AMI, we use cutting edge technology and the latest anti-aging techniques on the market today.


Anti-Aging Q + A

Get many of your questions about anti-aging answered.


Alkaline Water - What are the Benefits?

Drinking alkalized water has many benefits because alkaline neutralizes acid.


Atlanta Stress Management: Causes of Stress in the Workplace

Many people who seek Atlanta stress management systems and treatments experienced stress due to their jobs and things related to it.


Basic Information about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Atlanta

Chronic fatigue syndrome in Atlanta is very common among working adults, both men and women as well as children and adolescents.


Should I Drink Ionized Water?

The benefits of drinking water for everyday health and wellbeing are widely known.


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