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Eliminate Stubborn Weight Gain and Accomplish Weight Goals

You may have excellent genes, or you may eat properly and exercise regularly. But for many people, losing weight and keeping it off is very difficult to accomplish! People can gain weight for various reasons, and most of the time, it isn't just because they overeat or don't exercise enough. To help you transform your body, Atlanta Medical Institute (AMI) proudly offers several advanced weight loss programs. We strive to help you attain your weight loss goals, keep the weight off, and reduce problems caused by weight-related diseases. Our team of highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and weight management consultants also understand that one plan does not fit everybody's lifestyle or preferences. We design tailored treatment plans that specifically meet your needs and address chronic diseases or conditions that hinder your ability to lose weight. To help transform your body, Atlanta Medical Institute offers:

  • FDA-approved weight loss medication
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Supplements
  • Meal plans
  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling
  • hCG weight loss plans
  • Detoxification
  • Stress reduction strategies

At AMI, we use cutting-edge technologies and innovative weight loss techniques. No matter the program type, all of our plans are physician-supervised and personally designed for you. Our Atlanta Medical Institute team understands the difficulties and complexities of being overweight. Similar to having high blood pressure or asthma, weight gain deserves the same kind of medical attention. Our compassionate and dedicated team members will listen, provide support, and guide you through your weight loss journey.

FDA-Approved and Physician-Assisted Weight Loss Plans

During your consultation, we will perform a comprehensive assessment. The consultation will include lab tests, physical exams, questionnaires, medical history discussions, and information about your specific goals. Based on your results, our expert physicians will create a personalized weight loss program that aligns with your body goals. Some of the programs and diagnostic exams we provide include:

  • Hormone replacement injections
  • Medically supervised appetite suppressants
  • Weight loss supplements
  • Metabolic calorie count
  • Body fat analysis
  • Detoxification
  • Nutraceuticals (natural)
  • Behavior coaching
  • hCG weight loss program

Hormone Replacement Therapy and BHRT

As men and women age, their hormone production starts to decline. This decrease in hormones can cause imbalances and negative side effects, which may contribute to weight gain.

At AMI, we use both hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to address the unique needs of individuals. Safe and effective, both HRT and BHRT can work well for some patients. These weight loss programs can reduce, slow, and prevent weight gain or negative side effects. BHRT is a natural hormonal therapy that uses plant-derived hormones identical in chemical and molecular structure to ones produced by the human body.

Both HRT and BHRT should always be administered by a physician who is skilled in hormone replacement therapy. If you would like to learn more, please schedule a consultation with one of our friendly staff members.

hCG Weight Loss

hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that naturally occurs in both men and women. During pregnancy, the body produces this hormone in large amounts to prepare the womb for the embryo. Using hCG as a weight loss aid (along with restricted caloric intake) dates back to the 1950s. Discovered by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons, he figured out how to use the hCG hormone to target the nutrients in fat cells and convert their content. This process causes the fat cells to shrink to a smaller size. To help patients kick-start their weight loss habits, we offer hCG weight loss plans.

Typically, hCG treatments require about 3 – 6 weeks. Participants follow a strict diet that contains almost no fat and reduce calories to 500 – 800 a day. This amount of calories may seem very small, but the natural hormone is so powerful that it dramatically reduces the appetite. Most participants adjust quickly to the new calorie restriction and learn to focus on proper foods for a healthy diet. Often, many patients can lose a pound a day without any feelings of weakness or hunger! During your treatment, you will need to self-administer an intramuscular injection of hCG or use pellets that dissolve under the tongue each day.

After completing your hCG weight loss period, you can transition to a healthy lifestyle with proper eating habits and exercise. Because the dramatic weight loss results happen quickly, participants tend to feel motivated and determined to continue their weight loss journey and new healthy lifestyle choices. To help you stay on track, we encourage you to learn more about our lifestyle coaches, stress reduction treatments, nutrition programs, and fitness plans.

Stress Reduction Programs

Every day, we can experience lots of things that make us feel stressed, especially during COVID-19. When we have reduced stress, our body functions much better. Often, our bodies exhibit signs of stress through weight gain, hair loss, immune problems, and early signs of aging. While the mind controls how we perceive stress and emotions, our bodies react to these problems when not properly handled. After decades of research, we believe that certain types of stress can contribute to many human illnesses. Identifying the underlying reason for your stress is critical to your overall wellness and determining what is happening internally. Like many medical professionals, we believe that proper identification and the elimination of stress can positively affect the body.

By reducing stress, your body can begin to heal, detoxify, and encourage maximum efficiency. Until now, there has never been a technology that could effectively measure and reduce stress in the human body on a quantum bio-electrical level. Using bio-electronic technology, our trained professionals can guide you through the first steps toward addressing high-stress triggers before a potential illness begins.

Improve Weight Loss With Fitness and Nutrition Counseling

We’re all different and from a nutritional standpoint. This noticeable difference is called biochemical individuality. Biochemical individuality means that no single exercise or diet plan is right for everyone. For example, one person may do well with a higher carbohydrate diet while others may thrive on Zone-type meals, which incorporate more protein and fat. Additionally, it may work best for some patients to kick-start their weight loss program with a raw food diet. This can leave them more energized and clear-headed.
At AMI, our goal isn’t to impose a belief system or have you follow a particular diet or exercise plan; instead, we strive to teach you the basics of healthy nutrition and provide a personalized exercise program. When combined, it can help you make the right choices each day and help with weight loss. To help determine what type of foods and exercises may work best for you, AMI uses highly trained specialists that focus on the science of exercise and nutrition. Our professionals help identify which foods work best for your unique metabolism and design exercise programs to tone the body. After figuring out your specific metabolic needs, we can apply the basic principles of good nutrition and exercise. A personalized weight loss plan will help you maintain proper weight, feel energized, and improve your overall health and quality of life!

Lifestyle Coaching

At AMI, our professional health coaches design weight loss programs, provide thorough education, offer motivational strategies, and give guidance throughout your weight loss transformation. The goal of our programs is to offer a simple, effective, and proactive plan that anyone can implement with ease and minimal time commitments. During your consultation, we design an action plan that focuses on your lifestyle choices and provides the best results for you. We can create your program to address any current medical conditions or concerns, and we carefully measure and track your results throughout the process. This helps us adjust your plan as needed.

Transform Your Body With Personalized Weight Loss Plans

At AMI, we want you to love your body. We know how difficult it can feel to lose a significant amount of weight. During your consultation, our specialists will help you:

  • Understand the impact of lifestyle choices on your health and the benefits of change
  • Identify the barriers that get in your way
  • Build skills and provide the tools you need to change your behavior
  • Increase motivation and self-confidence needed for change

In addition, some of our programs include meal plans, sleep quality, and guidance on food restrictions. No matter the age, fitness level, size, or health condition, our group takes a proactive approach when helping patients optimize their health.

Schedule an appointment for a free consultation or contact us if you have any questions!

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